Week 1 – Now it starts?

It’s the end of week one, by all account it’s been easy going on the travel side… However, I still managed to go way off track with my eating on one of the days. It was lunch time on Tuesday I’d travelled to Scunthorpe to give a customer product training alongside one of my colleagues who is also on a health kick; He uses our joint days out together as an excuse to cheat – NOT GOOD FOR ME!! I feebly tried to say no and still followed him through the doors straight into Burger King, the smell that I have grown to love this year hit my straight in the face and sealed my fate. It’s safe to say I learnt my lesson though, during the afternoon training session I felt uncomfortable and greasy which coupled with the heat made for an interested few hours of close personal communication and while not hindering my performance it put me off.

Starting Weight: 17st7lb
Finishing Weight: 17st2lb
Average Calories: 1622kcal
Highest calorie meal: 1300kcal!!!!! Bacon & Double Cheese XL with Medium Fries (Burger King)
Distance travelled: 450miles
Achievement: Hitting my turnover target for June

Food wasn’t my only down fall of the week and I’m not going to make excuses when I tell you this because I truly cannot think of a good one, a number of opportunities to hit the gym or go for a run have presented themselves and I just haven’t followed through for one reason or another usually because I was ‘tired’ – I managed to get out for 1 run on Monday in which I covered 1.5miles at a 12mph pace, for me at least I think that at my current weight it’s a respectable start and only 2 minutes per mile of my goal pace for the end of the year so positive even if I only managed one session.

Fast forward to the end of the week and I’ve got passed the cravings for junk food and started to take pride in making a healthy choice when selecting my meals – Even if that is not the best option for my wallet! Healthy salads coupled with low-fat low-calorie dressing have really kept me going through the tough times along with the TESCO ‘Calorie Counted’ ready meals.

5 pound loss is a great kick start, but I know full well that this will be mostly water from cleaning up my diet so slacking will only pile that straight back on and probably more.

That’s enough about food, I’m starting to feel hungry. Let’s talk about why you are really here, what did I do with my free time to better my life? Well…. I’ve spent most of my time this week planning out my blog:

  • What to write
  • How to write
  • Who to write for?
  • Who to write with?
  • Can I write?
  • Will anybody read it?

You get my drift, right? I have been feeling let say ‘unsure’ about how to go about this! One thing though I am sure about, gone are the days where I’m happy to sit and play Fortnite for countless hours, binge watch Netflix series or stream the latest films on NOWTV. I find myself reading more and taking time to learn about topics that interest me. (Anything from power transmissions right the way through entrepreneurial speakers like Grant Cardone & Gary V and how they made there name) I’ve come to the realisation that I do no want to waste my precious time anymore and if I only have one life I want to live it the right way. I have learnt a lot since leaving my past life 5 years ago but the one lesson that has still never failed to hit home is that achieving life goals feels good, REALLY FXCKING GOOD! It’s time to start hitting more and feeling the sweet touch of success.

So there we have it, week 1 of my bulge, business and betterment blog series is over and now it’s time to recap – There are many things I can take away from this week; Watching Action Jackson & Matty Matheson when I am bored is not a good idea, eating healthy is good for the mind as well as the belly and my PlayStation Live subscription probably needs to be cancelled.

Thanks for reading I really appreciate you taking the time to consume my ramblings. Hopefully I have inspired you to take a trip outside your normal and experience doing something different; if you don’t do it for your health do it for you soul (Trust me it’s the greatest feeling).

“The truth is that finding happiness in what you do every day is imperative.” 

Gary Vaynerchuk

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