Week 2 – I’m still here!!

Week 2 has drawn to a close, and quite frankly I’m shocked; I’m still here! I found not only the time but the inclination to continue writing down my weekly endeavours. From a wedding to work this week has been a bit of a mixed bag, but it’s safe to say I’ve come out the other side a happier man.

Starting Weight: 17st2lb
Finishing Weight: 17st0lb
Average Calories: 1428kcal
Highest calorie meal: 906kcal – Chicken Curry, with sides
Distance travelled: 1000miles
Achievement: Hit my lowest weight in a few years

It started off with a trip to the O2 arena in Birmingham, it’s the height of rush hour and there I am driving my wife and mother-in-law across the city centre so that they can watch Kelly Jones; you know the guy that sings in Stereophonics. Now don’t get me wrong I like the music (a little bit), and had I been invited might not of been bothered by the 1 hour journey that then turned to 3 but as I wasn’t on the guest list I continued to moan the whole way there. Lucky me had to collect them at 11 o’clock, I left early to avoid the looming traffic jam but funnily enough that journey couldn’t have gone any smoother… although I did manage to scoff half a medium fries from McDonalds on the way home (Whoopsie). During the journey I intended on recording episode 2 of my motivational podcast; I eagerly practiced my lines as id been looking forward to this task most of the day but then as I began to plug in my microphone, I realised that I had left the adapter at home! I tried to record through the in-car apparatus, but it sounded like my lips were made of TIN – There goes that brilliant idea, and a weeks’ worth of self-motivation ☹

The next morning, I was still not impressed; 5 hours sleep and a day of driving around to visit customers ahead of me! It’s safe to say I got out of the wrong side of bed, however all in all it couldn’t of gone smoother. You see I still usually have apprehension on the initial face to face / Telephone call of the day, I couldn’t tell you why but I always get my words mixed up or feel fear like a child about to say their lines in the nativity play; However on this day nothing, nothing at all. It was either because my eyes were pinned open or the emptiness that filled my soul as I woke, but I actually performed pretty well. What a relief!

Fast forward to Thursday, final call of the day with my Burger King loving colleague mention back in week 1 and things took a turn for the worst, an issue has occurred on site which in itself is not very common so it’s a skill I have not yet began to perfect; but what makes it even more upsetting is that .this unit was a sample that had performed perfectly until this point; Its safe to say the prospect was unhappy with the problem and expected immediate clarification as to what had gone wrong.. not one to bullshit I was honest, telling the prospect that we must do a full investigation to find the route cause, as it may not have been my product at fault. He wasn’t to happy to hear this but softened up towards the end of the meeting, I think we may have just saved the prospect from going elsewhere or at least giving us chance to fix the issue and move forward. What a shame though, it’s taken 6 months to get this far and we are back to square one; but that’s life I suppose and you have to take the good with the bad else the wins wouldn’t feel any different to the losses. And anyway, I’m 99% sure that this was an application error, but you can’t tell them that without evidence else they bring in the next person that is willing to lie through their teeth.

So, the wedding, I know you’ve been wondering how that went. well… My sister in law got married on the Friday, a wedding on a Friday you say? Yes, of all days a working day! As much as I moan though it was great to spend some time with my wife’s family and to watch the children really enjoy themselves in a place outside of their norm. To be honest it helped me achieve a little slither of mental enlightenment, looking towards the future of my life and the happy memories we will be having with our children and together as a family. Its safe to say a little piece of my bitter soul came back to life on that day, but shhhh that’s our little secret.

Shit sorry I’m not finished yet how did I forget? I’ve been to the gym multiple times this week, took a few posing pictures of my pumped muscles and done some home cooking with my wife… Funny what you can still fit around a busy schedule if your just put your mind to it, thanks again for reading and until next time guys Bthree.

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