Week 3 – A Shift in Perspective

I’m finally starting to gain some traction with my weightloss, I’m now 1stone and 1pound lighter then I was in march of this year; My clothes are fitting me comfortably again and I feel more confident in my daily life.

Starting Weight: 17st0lb
Finishing Weight: 16st10lb
Average Calories: 1469kcal
Highest calorie meal: 829kcal – KFC Zinger Rice box + Snack Wrap
Distance travelled: 750miles
Achievement: Holiday booked to Barcelona (If you hadn’t guessed!)

I’m finding that maintaing between 1200-1800 calories a day is the key, and making sure that if i have a larger meal coming later on that i try to reduce the amount of food im eating earlier in the day to ensure i do not go over my target calories. Making healthy choices when eating out and looking forward to the experience rather then the belly busting feeling after is actually quite pleasant. It’s funny for most of my life i have never been satisfied with a small meal, but now i can and not feel the hunger pangs biting at me for some time. However, this is the point where i always falter – I start to feel good and decide to have a few cheat meals, cheat days, cheat weeks and then i’m back to square one! That bring me to this weeks relatable quote, it’s deffinatly hit home for me and hope it does for you too:

‘If you quite now… You’ll end up right back where you first began. And when you first began you were desperate to be right where you are now… KEEP GOING.’

Last week i published my 5 tips for public speaking blog post, this idea came to me after a day of travel to train customers on site. While making the trip home i reflected on the fact that i hadnt even worried or paniced while i had been presenting the sessions, it highlighted how far i had come from just a short time ago. It’s a fantastic notion when you can see improvement in yourself without having to have reassurance from anybody else, i always find myself looking for other peoples approval in my achievments rather then accepting that i am a ‘FUCKING BEAST.’ whether anybody else agrees or not. There is a clear path that i am on and it thrills me to be able to share it with you, all i hope is that you read my story as it unfolds and use it as motiation to create your own.

My final topic of the week i wish to highlight comes from a conversation i had with my brother, he is making short small changes in his life to pull himself out of rutt and is now for the first time focusing on his future. This to me is fantastic and exactly what i have done over the years, aiming for that end goal.. ‘debt free.’ Although, i have been so focused that i forgot to enjoy life along the way; everyday is a blessing, we shouldnt just focus on the end goal because the journey is just as important. I struggle to remember things these days, it’s not that i don’t care but i focus so strongly on reaching the final goal that nothing else really matters to me, it pains me to say that i actually feel like i have held many things back from my family to reach the end of journey faster – And it just cant continue. This change in mindset has given me the insentive to book a trip to barcelona to celebrate mine and my wife’s 1 year wedding aniversary and a weekend away with my boy’s before hand, anybody that knows me will understand that usually this is not the sort of thing i would do as it has extended the length of time it will take my to pay my ‘debt’ but i could die tomorrow and never get to experience these things with my family and ultimately what will paying off debt have done for any of us then?

Take a moment to think about your achievements and the positive things around you and be thankful that you have them, from a roof over your head to the holiday you have planed; somebody around you is wishing for the same thing!

Thanks again for reading and remeber to Bthree.

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