Week 4 – Get off my patch

Picture this, I’d made a few phone calls to try and get through to a new prospect, after 2/3 failed attempts i had learnt the decision makers name and decided to send an email invite for a meeting and just turn up on site. Not the perfect way around a first visit however I was in the area and keen to introduce myself and make them aware of my intentions.

Starting Weight: 16st10lb
Finishing Weight: 16st6lb
Average Calories: 1403kcal
Highest calorie meal: 829kcal – KFC Zinger Rice box + Snack Wrap
Distance traveled: 1300miles
Achievement: Concurred my fear of hair loss by shaving my head

It’s a sunny Monday afternoon, I’m 3 meetings down and things are going well – turning into the industrial estate, Ive already got the feeling that this place could be a little ‘sharp’. Now I wont disclose the exact location however it was in London so that should give you an idea! Jumping out of the car, I popped my head through the roller shutter door and asked if my contact was around. I was instructed through to the sales counter by a pleasant man while he informed the contact of my arrival but not before i was given the warning ‘be careful, he’s not nice to sales reps.’ to which i replied ‘don’t worry; I’m used to it by now!’ with a smile on my face…. In bounds this stumpy grey man ‘I don’t want your products, i don’t like your company. If i see you on my patch again i’ll smashing your fucking face in!’ it’s safe to say i was taken back, i stood for a moment waiting for a sign that this was a joke. But it wasn’t, so i smiled and simply said ‘oh really, that’s a shame. Was their any particular reason for that? I’m new into the south east and thought i would introduce myself – My company doesn’t deal with the same customer base as yours so i wont effect your business the conversation continued and ended up with a hand shake and an exchange of business cards. I believe i handled this altercation in the best possible way, ending with the most desirable outcome. I certainly gained some experience in dealing with a problem customer correctly even if i wasn’t prepared for it. The next day i followed up with an email just to say thank you for giving me his time and to make sure he doesn’t forget my name – I aim to revisit bi-monthly or at least until I’m told too stop, this confidence is only because i know that i will be able to help them and eventually they may have no choice but to give me a ring.

Now the drama’s over it’s time to talk about the positives of the week; I have shaved my head, not what i expected to be doing this early that’s for sure. But I’m going bald, its getting worse and each time i have my hair cut the patches are becoming more and more prominent so instead of continuing to hide it i just bit the bullet, shaved it off and although i hate the way it looks i feel great in myself for facing a fear i have had for as long as i can remember. I suffer with psoriasis which i believe has sped up the hair loss in the past 12 months so fresh are and some treatment may well see it return in the future! well i can wish cant i?

Great week in terms of weight loss, I’ve now lost 1.4 Stone since march of this year and I’m actually starting to notice a change in the mirror ans also in my clothing.. My usual shirts/t-shirts are becoming too big and older pieces of clothing i haven’t worn for some time are starting to fit comfortably again. It’s a fantastic feeling and reassures me that all of the hard work will eventually get me somewhere. Barcelona is 7 weeks away and i aim to get under the 16 stone mark by then – I’m confident that this will happen, but only time will tell.

If this week has taught me anything, it’s face the unknown. If you have a fear don’t let that decide your direction, control it and strive to master it; whether it’s weight, hair loss, heights, spiders, people or just about anything you guide your own destiny so own it! You may get told where to stick it, you could make things worse but.. you will gain something great, Pride! Thanks again for reading guys and remember Bthree.

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