Week 5 – Growth

As week 5 draw’s to a close i find myself overwhelmed with the amount of stuff i could write about! It’s the summer holidays and Ive had a week away from work; and to be honest, i needed to spend some time with my 2 older son’s so i welcomed the break. We had some fun at home but also went on an epic adventure!! I will write that up in a separate post though as there is a number of images and lot’s of information that not all readers will want to digest so i’ll be kind and give you the choice.

Starting Weight: 16st6lb
Finishing Weight: 16st4lb
Average Calories: 1409kcal
Highest calorie meal: 898kcal – Home made BLT tiger bread sub’s with cheese!
Distance traveled: 100miles
Achievement: Got ahead of my ‘to-do-list’

Although away from work i have not aloud myself to get behind on current emails, telephone calls or my daily area turnover – It’s important to me to ensure that i spend at least 30-60 minutes a day keeping up-to-date with how things are going to stay ahead of the game; Another important thing is, keeping my work phone on! There is no way i am missing a potential sale because I’m ‘on holiday’ and funnily enough on Friday i heard my phone ringing, ran to pick it up and did not recognize the number? it’s a prospect, Wow! I’ve been working on them since January and now they are ringing me with enquiry… It’s only a small product however it’s required it in a short lead time, answering all of his queries with the promise of an order I’m certain if i hadn’t of picked that phone call up he may well of gone elsewhere to get the answer he needed, it just proves that putting in that little extra can and does go along way in business. It’s a very small price to pay for a potential gain in the future.

Now let’s talk about my weight loss for a minute, this week has been a little bit of an odd one for me! The number on the scales has fluctuated on a day to day basis and the only thing i can pin it down to is weight training and cardio – I’ve noticed as much as 3 pound increase in my overall weight the day after i have lifted and a smaller increase when doing cardio; the day after the increase my weight then drops again but not always below the original number. That being said i have still managed to shave off another 2 pound but i find myself becoming overly cautious when it comes to exercise which in all honesty is not a position i want to be in. I’m now away in Scotland for 4 day’s with work, and as much as i don’t want to binge or drink I’m with the owners and it is a difficult situation to be in! The goal is 222lb (15St8lb) for my holiday on the 11th of September, i know this is a little less then previously mentioned but as there is still 6 weeks to go i only have to lose 1/2lb a week to achieve this; However i must ensure that i do not let my trip next week set me back as the goal is in reach. The shift in the goal is quite simple, this will be the lowest weight i have hit in the past 11 years and only 22lb away from my final target! Daily weigh ins may seem a bit extreme but I’ finding it a much better way of learning how my body reacts to certain scenarios and it allows me to adjust before it is too late, I still haven’t reached a plateau although I’m expecting it to come soon!

So this week i have managed stay focused to keep on top of my work, complete jobs around the house, spend valuable time with my boy’s and allocated some working time to my Ebook – It’s a fantastic feeling to take time out of a busy schedule to get ahead of yourself and plant those seeds ready for them to grow as you press on, Do you have an example of where you have done this? Does anybody else find their weight fluctuating with activity? Have you had time off work and missed something that was a potential game changer? I’d like to hear your stories in the comments below.

Thanks again for reading and remember to Bthree.

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