Week 6 – I called it!

I don’t want to be the guy to tell you ‘i told you so’ but i did! every single time i hit a certain point in my weight loss journey something happens and it blows me straight off the path! 4 Day’s in Scotland and there’s no sign of a blog post or social media update in sight – Not to mention the fact that i have over eaten terribly usually in 1 horrific meal… and this went on right up to Saturday 2 day’s after my return. It’s safe to say this has not been my week, pressure is building up in my mind and until today morale is at a pretty big low.

Starting Weight: 16st4lb
Finishing Weight: 16st4lb
Average Calories: 2011kcal
Highest calorie meal: 1610kcal – Sharing Start & Mixed grill… All the works!
Distance traveled: 800miles
Achievement: Overcome my overwhelming doubt

I weighed myself this Saturday morning and hit my low for this year at 16 stone 2 pounds, i was so happy with this because lets be honest i have over indulged myself through the week, including drinking which i something i very rarely do. I’ve been home since Thursday and thought i had managed to get straight back into the swing of things when i noticed the weight loss; However on Saturday i ate just over 3000kcal! I’m annoyed, angry and all of the rest of it with myself. I’ve allowed my body to slip back into cravings and my mind to allow myself to indulge… It’s Sunday and now the scales are telling me 16 stone 4 pounds, it’s not a major set back in the grand scheme of things but one i was not mentally prepared for so early into this journey. This coming week is going to be tough, but i must get my head back in the game for my health and happiness sake – It’s a strange feeling but writing this blog makes me answer to myself more then ever when i have made mistake’s but onward and upward as they say.

I’ve only trained in the gym once this week, however i did so with one of my bosses that has a wealth of experience and he showed me some stuff that has opened my mind up in that respect hopefully this will help me develop the physic i desire when regular training becomes part of the plan, this wont be until i reach my final goal weight; The current goal i have set myself is under 14 stone with a view to ‘bulk’ back up to 14.7stone allowing me to maintain training a healthy diet but not be unhappy, allowing room for those ‘treats’ should life present them.

Enough of the dreary stuff for this week, not very motivational for you as the reader is it? I visited Scotland, no great shakes but it was the first time ever! The scenery was beautiful, Ive never seen such vast untouched landscape, it truly was beautiful at times; Of course as my job is purposed around the heavy industry i also saw some horribly polluted area’s too but hey ho the good with the bad and all that. We stayed in Westerwood by Hilton Hotel which was fantastic, lovely location, good food and all the perks of being in an upmarket hotel. I must admit i feel privileged to be able to travel to all of these wonderful places and experience things that many others can only dream of, even if at times it seems that i take it for granted – Everyday is a gift, but some gifts are just better then others!

Now i know at the beginning i highlighted that there hadn’t been much activity on Bthree, this was due to work commitments that have to come ahead of personal, i did however enjoy the meetings this week with customers i had not yet met, gaining experience from watching my peers with an overflowing fountain of sales knowledge and how they do things; I’ve learnt a lot, but it was also good to highlight some of the techniques they use that i also include in my portfolio. I helped run our Scottish depot for 2 days, working with a product line I’m unfamiliar with along with every phone call being from a customer i had never spoken with.. It’s not so dissimilar to my current job, but thoroughly enjoyable and nice to see that i am capable of performing in that manner and to respectable level IMO.

The next 5 weeks are going to be hectic but i will if nothing else ensure that i continue to post weekly updates for you all to read, If all goes well we will be moving house (A significant upgrade), visiting Barcelona and my wonderful wife should receive her driving license – Once her driving test has been past we will of completed our 5 year plan in just over 3 years.. It’s a strange feeling because i just don’t know whats coming next.. since i left school i have always had debts or things to work towards and short of buying a property or two i genuinely am unsure on what to do with myself. Exciting times are ahead for me and my family I just hope i can find something to concentrate on achieving next before i go crazy!!

Thanks again for reading and remember to Bthree.

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